Attack Of The Sign- Attack Yourself

The less I knew, the better I learned.

Before I knew various techniques on light, composition and storytelling, I simply picked up a camera and a lightbulb or paper and pen. I’d shoot; I’d write and do it all over again, voraciously. Somewhere down the Serious Professional road, I’m not sure if my work was any more Professional. My craft was certainly more refined, but the only thing that was more apparently serious than my work was myself. I took the fun out of the work which slowed the work down.

You have to love what you do, but you have to love who you are first and you cannot begin unless you give yourself some slack. Take it easy, I’d remind myself, you’re pissing yourself off. Go do something, I’d say.

One time, in particular, I did.


Outlet Maul

Which brings me to this video I made a while ago.

Before I was self conscious of 4K video cameras and Final Cut Pro, I’d picked up my iPod Touch, which had a sensor shorter than my toenails (which I forget to cut often… I get around to it eventually… still, short but not… anyway) and a clunky version of iMovie. I probably could imagine ways of executing the video or the final composited artwork, but I refuse to imagine how. No fun or hard work comes from that.



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