I Mean, What’s A Blog Anyway?

An artist, business so-and-so or someone who doesn’t enjoy producing a blog, says, You must have one. I reply, Why? And what does that word actually mean?

Dictionary says,

BLOG: “A regularly updated website or web page, run by an individual or small group; written in an informal or conversational style…” and so forth.

That’s a noun. A verb? Well:

“It’s about a week since I last blogged.”

Still this tell me nothing. I mean what does it mean to you, I say, to which So-and-So’s eyes squeeze into a befuddled emoticon face. As if I should know by now because they do… or… well, they don’t but… make one anyway. Because everyone does, ok? So just make a website, Bro, and don’t forget to blog. Just go with it.

I’m reminded of elementary school, from which new students follow, in an awkward pace, the path of the more seasoned classmates to find a lunchroom or tips for a quiz. As adults, we go about similar tactics for How To Make A Great Picture, How To Get Better Sales, or How To Build A Website That Defines Yourself (as if websites could actually summarize you). And I almost forgot: Blog, Blog, Blog.

Sometimes the path of other people’s results feel like another path of least resistance. How other students of the world wide web have navigated their journey is helpful, but risky if all you do is follow. As a new student in anything, I’ve tracked my share of bigger kids toward lunch till I found my way or gotten advice on how to handle my studies, but, when it came to food, I already knew how to chew; and when its Final Exam Week, the real tests of my life I took on my own.

I can learn a ton about how others go about things but the real experiences come when I just get started, and remind myself why I’m building a website or blog of my own at all. I’ve been freelancing in portrait and other genres of photography for years, along with other acts of craft and creativity and doing so by word of mouth. Now, hear I am, taking the step of showing, properly, some of my work and still I hesitate to follow the path everyone else has taken.

I just needed to know, not what it meant by textbook definition or even what it meant to you, dear Mr. or Ms. Whoever Reads This; I needed to know what a blog meant for me.

So here it is: A blog isn’t a blog at all. It’s a word we use for the act of blogging, but the word doesn’t give justice for what many people provide in it. When I hear the word, it sounds like the noise a computer would make when throwing up, if what we chugged into it disagreed with it’s stomach the morning after. A computer doesn’t have a stomach, of course; perhaps this is why we stomach the word.

A blog is a series. Life is a series of events, projects, thoughts, trials, failures and victories. So long as I choose to share some and so long as this website exists, that is what I will call mine. A Series.

I’m Nick by the way.

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